Making Statues Sacred

The statues crafts are the icing on the cake.

postures, facial expressions, colors and styles of clothing are a unique scenic craft. measures ranging from cm. 30 cm. 200 and above are built with great skill, by our sculptors.

From a simple picture of our sculptors completed on a clay image of the statue in the details (height, posture, facial details, clothing), is shaped by hand to create legs, arms, head, using smaller cutters, making it as similar as possible with appropriate expressions. Once finished sculpture, we will create the mold with rubber material and against as fiberglass in order to start production of statues material plaster resin and fiberglass, making sure to clean up all the excess, on request you can put glass eyes the statues cm. 60 and over.

Once cleaned the statue and checked in detail that there are defects the statue passes staining, where the decoration sector complete the work using acrylic paints in oils and harness and make the statues of a of natural beauty to admire. Many times it is not the same statue alike for the following reasons that the whole is worked by hand and may come across a bit of difference, just as you do not machinery.

Our sculptors, as well as performing literally a work even if only by a simple picture, they also create other works of art the fruit of their creativity, where they express their higher artistic sense. Once a work of sculpture, it can admire the perfection, not only from the analysis of particular extremely precise, but also by the strong positive feelings that you perceived by the work itself.



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