Statue of St. Onofrio

Construction of the statue of St. Onofrio commissioned by those who serve Umberto Mazza.

Statue of Angelo Custode

Angelo Custode Statue Construction cm. 210. Sacred Art Commissioned by the CIM.

Madonna Setteporte Statue Italian community in the U.S.

Construction of Madonna Setteporte statue cm.220 commissioned by the Italian community in the U.S.

Sculptures for the Congregation of the Disciples of Santa Teresa

Sculpture commissioned by the Congregation of Disciples of Santa Teresa of the Jesus' Child in Qualiano (NA). The founder Antonio Migliaccio cm. 170 cm and Santa Teresa. 160

Madonna Statue of Constantinople Porto Agropoli

Madonna of Constantinople Building mt. 4:00 commissioned by the Agropoli Parish of Saints Peter and Paul, located in the port of Agropoli


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